CM Punk Net Worth

CM punk is very well known  wrestler who was born in Chicago, Illinois USA. Punk rose to the prominence as a wrestler which became his passion. Punk started his career in the year 1999 and ended in the year 2014. He is very well known as an artist of mixed material. He has done a job very well which led him toward the success and he won many world championships. Yes, he has retired from this field.  Afterward, he was also seen in the field of entertainment but the main source of his income which has been seen is wrestling.

The Net Worth Of CM Punk

CM Punk Net Worth

As stated above he has been world champion for many times made him earn fame among his fan. This fame gave him the net worth of about $7.5 million. Well, that’s a very huge net worth rate. He stands 19th in the list of the richest wrestlers in the world.

History Of CM Punk

CM Punk with his recreational experience made himself get registered in the school of wrestling.  This led him to land in the ring in the year 2003. After that, he signed with World Wrestling Entertainment. He was finally a winner of the championship after which he appeared in 2006 Extreme Championship Wrestling. His life was full of success and was known as a legend in the wrestling.

Personal Life Of CM Punk

CM Punk in the ring played a straight edge part as a wrestler but do believe in the lifestyle which is outside the ring. He had a number of relationships with females who were also professional wrestlers. He was found to be dating with Amy Dumas who is known as Lita. He also did many other roles in his life except being a wrestler. He wrote the Marvel Comic’s  hardcover opening edition of Avengers vs X-Men. Now, he is spending a very luxurious life which is enough for him.

CM Punk Stats 

Full Name: Phillip Jack Brooks

Birth Date: October 26, 1978

Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois

Age: 38

Nationality: American

Race: White

Profession: Wrestler, MMA fighter

Height: 6 ft 2 in

Weight: 99 kg

Religion: Atheist

Marital Status: Married

Partner: AJ Lee

Children: None

Wikipedia Page: Here

Twitter: Here

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