David Cronenberg Net Worth

Davis Cronenberg is a Canadian film director with a net worth of $15 million. His filmography includes The Fly, Videodrome, Rabid, Shivers, The Brood, Scanners, Naked Lunch, Dead Ringers, M. Butterfly, Spider, Crash, eXistenz, A History of Violence, A Dangerous Method, Cosmopolis, Maps to the stars and Eastern Promises.

David Cronenberg Net Worth

David Cronenberg Net Worth 2017

David Cronenberg has a net worth of $15 million.

David Cronenberg Trivia

  • He declined the offer to direct Robocop, Star Wars VI – Return of the Jedi and Top Gun.
  • David is fascinated by bugs and insects.
  • Inducted to Canada’s Walk of Fame in 1999.
  • He was set to direct Total Recall (1990) before Paul Verhoeven took over.

David Cronenberg Stats

Full Name: David Paul Cronenberg

Birth Date: March 15, 1943

Birth Place: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Age: 73

Nationality: Canadian

Race: White

Profession: Director, producer, cinematographer, editor, screenwriter

Height: 5 ft 8 in

Weight: N/A

Religion: Atheist

Marital Status: Married

Partner: Carolyn Zeifman

Children: 3

Wikipedia Page: Here

Twitter: N/A

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