Dean Koontz Net Worth

Dean Koontz Bio

Born in July, 1945, his original full name is Dean Ray Koontz. He is a well-known American writer. Suspense and thrill are the two key attributes associated with his novels. But, he is not confined his writing to these topics as he includes satire, mystery, horror and science fictions in his novels. Variability is his key to success. There were many pen names too associated with his writings too such as David Axton, Brian Coffey, and Leigh Nicholas. It has been mentioned on his website that he has sold over 400 million copies of his novels.

Dean Koontz Net Worth

He opened his eyes in a small house in Everett. His alcoholic father used to beat him a lot. That thing, later, made some room in his writings and he then praised the endeavor of his mother many times. Organized by Atlantic Magazine, he won numerous writing competitions under their banner. He graduated in 1967 and afterwards, worked in Mechanicsburg School as full time English teacher.

Star Quest was the name of his first novel which he wrote in his spare time. After that, it was the turn of science fiction novels and he wrote more than a dozen on it. It was the year 1970, when he shifted his writing trend to horror. He used both his and pseudo names in those novels for customer and reader’s attraction purposes. There was a time in years when he used to publish more than eight books.

Dean Koontz Net Worth

His net worth is about $125 MILLION.

After spending more than a span of 10 years, he got breakthrough with a novel namely Whispers, whose copies were sold in millions. Many articles, letters and novels have also come in for scathing criticism by people as they think that the content in those writings belong to them.

Dean Koontz Stats:

Full Name: Dean Ray Koontz

Born on: 9th of July, 1945

Birthplace: Everett, Pennsylvania

Age: 71

Occupation: Writer, Novelist, Short story Writer

Nationality: American

Race: Caucasian

Wikipedia Page: Here

Twitter: Here

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