Martha Stewart Net Worth

Martha Stewart is a business magnate, publisher, writer, and a TV star. Belonging to the Polish American origin, Martha Stewart started her career with “Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc.”, a media and merchandising company which develops many successful supplementary businesses ranging from broadcasting to merchandising and e-commerce. She has also penned several bestselling books and currently hosting the popular talk show “Martha”.

Martha Stewart’s current estimated net worth is $638 million which makes her one of the riches woman of the world. Read on to find out more about the successful lady.

Martha Stewart Net Worth

Early Life and Career

Born as Martha Helen Kostyra in New Jersey, Stewart is the youngest of five siblings. As a teenager, she worked at several jobs including babysitting and modeling. She attended the Barnard University where she also met her husband Andrew, a graduate of the Yale Law School.

At an early age, Martha Stewart’s mother taught her the basics of cooking and sewing while her father instructed her about horticulture and landscaping design.  She also learnt the proper way of canning and preserving food from her grandparents.

With the knowledge she learnt in her early years, Martha started her catering career which earned her fabulous revenue especially from clients that were acquaintances of her husband. At one such event, she met Alan Mirken, who at that time was the publisher of Crown Publishing Group. He was so impressed with her culinary skills that he convinced her to sign a contract for a cookbook. Her first publication was an instant hit after which Martha released six more cookbooks. Each of them added a good amount to Martha’s net worth.

As Martha’s Stewart’s fame grew, she appeared in several TV shows including “Larry King Live” and “The Oprah Winfrey Show”. She has also acted in “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit”.

Martha Stewart also partook in stock exchange activities which landed her in prison for some time during the year 2005. However, Stewart is back and currently working on a number of projects that includes writing and television appearances.

How rich is Martha Stewart?

Martha Stewart net worth is $630 Million.

Martha Stewart Stats:

Full Name: Martha Helen Stewart

Age: 75

Born on: August 3, 1941

Birth place: Jersey City, New Jersey

Profession: Author, Businesswoman, TV personality

Marital Status: Divorced

Religion: Roman Catholic

Nationality: American

Spouse: Andrew Stewart (m. 1961-1990)

Children: Alexis Stewart

Height: 5 feet 9 inches


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