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Jesse Duplantis Net Worth

Jesse Duplantis is a popular Evangelic Christian Minister and the founder of Jesse Duplantis Ministries. Although, it is difficult to distinguish between his personal finances and the money that he earns from his title at the Ministries – many have predicted that he has a net worth of more than $40 million dollars. Read below to find out more about his wealth and his preaching activities.

Life Highlights:

Jesse was born on July 9, 1949 in New Orleans. He started preaching in 1976 and began working as a full time minister in 1978. He later founded the Jesse Duplantis Ministries, a non-profit foundation. The JDM partakes in many charitable activities including taking care of homeless. The church rectory is estimated to be worth $3 million dollars.

Jesse Duplantis Net Worth

Minister Duplantis also owns a 35,000 square foot mansion in St. Charles Parish. He is known to lead an extravagant lifestyle which includes taking long trips in his private jet. Many journalists and publications have researched the minister’s income but were unable to assess what belongs in his personal account and what belongs to the ministry.

A religious watchdog organization also monitored the minister’s financial activities but did not find anything illegal. For example, the large building that serves as the church’s rectory is made from tax-exempt donations and is not liable for real estate taxes.

Minister Duplantis is a popular figure but also the most controversial person in the Christian church for his speeches that mainly focuses on prosperity and abundance.

He is currently serving leadership positions at the Jesse Duplantis Ministries, Covenant Church, Christians United for Israel, the Jesse Duplantis TV program, and Covenant Compassion Center.

Jesse Duplantis resides in New Orleans, New Jersey with his wife Cathy who also partakes in his religious activities.

Jesse Duplantis Net worth

Jesse Duplantis net worth is $40 million dollars.

Jesse Duplantis Stats:

Full Name: Jesse Duplantis

Age: 67

Birth date: 9th of July, 1949

Profession: Pastor, Host

Nationality: American

Religion: Christianity

Height: 5 feet 10 inches

Spouse: Cathy Duplantis

Wikipedia Page: Here

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Youtube: Here

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Dean Koontz Net Worth

Dean Koontz Bio

Born in July, 1945, his original full name is Dean Ray Koontz. He is a well-known American writer. Suspense and thrill are the two key attributes associated with his novels. But, he is not confined his writing to these topics as he includes satire, mystery, horror and science fictions in his novels. Variability is his key to success. There were many pen names too associated with his writings too such as David Axton, Brian Coffey, and Leigh Nicholas. It has been mentioned on his website that he has sold over 400 million copies of his novels.

Dean Koontz Net Worth

He opened his eyes in a small house in Everett. His alcoholic father used to beat him a lot. That thing, later, made some room in his writings and he then praised the endeavor of his mother many times. Organized by Atlantic Magazine, he won numerous writing competitions under their banner. He graduated in 1967 and afterwards, worked in Mechanicsburg School as full time English teacher.

Star Quest was the name of his first novel which he wrote in his spare time. After that, it was the turn of science fiction novels and he wrote more than a dozen on it. It was the year 1970, when he shifted his writing trend to horror. He used both his and pseudo names in those novels for customer and reader’s attraction purposes. There was a time in years when he used to publish more than eight books.

Dean Koontz Net Worth

His net worth is about $125 MILLION.

After spending more than a span of 10 years, he got breakthrough with a novel namely Whispers, whose copies were sold in millions. Many articles, letters and novels have also come in for scathing criticism by people as they think that the content in those writings belong to them.

Dean Koontz Stats:

Full Name: Dean Ray Koontz

Born on: 9th of July, 1945

Birthplace: Everett, Pennsylvania

Age: 71

Occupation: Writer, Novelist, Short story Writer

Nationality: American

Race: Caucasian

Wikipedia Page: Here

Twitter: Here


Jessica Alba Net Worth

The 35 year-old self-made millionaire is worth an estimated $340 million as listed by Forbes.

Jessica Alba, an American actor, and entrepreneur is worth $340 million, according to Forbes Magazine. The actor who co-founded Honest Co., a non-toxic home care products company in 2010, was named 42nd in the list of self-made millions by Forbes. The company has now expanded to include makeup and skincare products.

Jessica Alba Net Worth

Alba, born in 1981, started her acting career in 1994 when she featured in The Secret World of Alex Mac. From then she has played several roles in movies and TV series that have seen her win awards and nominations, including Teens Choice Awards.

Alba was born in California, but her family moved to Mississippi where her father’s Air Force career took them. She was a sickly child, suffering from pneumonia five times in one year at one time, a ruptured appendix in another, and partiality collapsed lungs. She says she felt isolated because she was never in school long enough to make new friends. She, however, conquered all that to become the star she is today.

When she was 11, she persuaded her lifeguard mother to take her to an acting competition in California, (where they had moved back to from Mississippi) where she won the grand prize. After taking a few acting lessons, she landed her first acting role in 1994. As it is, the rest is Forbes-worthy history.

The Advent of Honest Company

Alba says she was inspired to start the company after her first child, Honor, was born in 2008. She co-partnered with three others to start the company now valued at slightly over $1 billion. The company deals in non-toxic products from childcare products such as diapers to baby gear, and products for lactating mothers. According to Forbes, the company’s income has boosted the model and actor who was valued at $200,000 in 2015.

Controversial Lawsuits

Honest Company has not stopped at baby stuff. The company now has a range of skincare products under the brand Honest Beauty. Honest Co. has had its fair share of controversy. Honest Beauty’s sunscreen has been challenged in a lawsuit to contain ingredients that are not organic. The $5 million class-action suit claims that there are synthetic ingredients in the beauty products. The suit goes on to argue that the sunscreen is not effective at all.

In a different lawsuit filed by Organic Consumers Association, the company is being sued for its ‘Instant Organic Formula’, with claims that the ingredients used for its production contain properties that are not allowed in organic products.

In both incidences, Alba has come out in defense of her company saying that Honest only uses ingredients that have been certified as organic by FDA. She also stated that the said products (both skincare and homecare) were tested and deemed fit. Both cases are ongoing. The company that Alba helped start is not done yet. They are launching new products for their beauty line. It looks as though the mother of two is not letting the negativity weigh her down.


Jessica Alba Stats:

Full Name: Jessica Marie Alba

Born: April 28, 1981

Residence: Beverly Hills. California

Occupation: Actress, Businesswoman

Nationality: American

Sun Sign: Taurus

Race: Multiracial (Danish, French, Mexican)

Height: 5 feet 7 inches

Weight: 56 kg

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Bra Size: 32B

Shoe Size: 8 (US

Religion: Christianity

Spouse: Cash Warren

Children: 2

Wikipedia Page: Here

Twitter: Follow Here


Jessica Alba Salary and Endorsements:

Earnings in 2014-2015                      $23 Million

Earnings in 2013-2014                      $20 Million

Earnings in 2012-2013                       $15 Million

Endorsements                                     $5 Million

Barely lethal                                         $16 Million

The Wright Girls                                   $21 Million

The Veil                                                  $28 Million

Mechanic: Resurrection                      $35 Million


Atta Girl

Jessica Alba has sure come a long way from the sickly little girl to a woman who has not only amassed massive wealth but also one who is determined to change the face of beauty as we know it.