Smosh Net Worth

Let’s start from the point about the nature of their work. Or, in other words, what they actually do?  It is a famous duo of comedy consisting of Anthony Padilla and Andrew Hecox. The age of both of them is 27 years now. Their story of success is not as straight as that of Pewdiepie. They used to work together on Newgrounds (An older version of YouTube).

Early career

The year was 2003. When YouTube became more famous, they transferred their luggage and all that gaming stuff from Newgrounds to YouTube. That was a successful transfer though. They post flash animations on YouTube and this thing has been going on since the last fourteen years.  Except for the first position, this duo ranks second in the list for most number of channel subscribers and followers.

Smosh Net Worth

There is no denying in the fact that whenever the people with most worth on YouTube are discussed, the name of this duo takes a solid place too. This duo is one of the wealthiest for the year 2016. Both of them are the ones who brings smile to our faces.  Their basic work includes the parody of different video games available as well as the one they play. Current statistics regarding their performances are satisfactory and shows that they are not done yet. Their strategy of making money is yearly and, so far, has proved quite successful.

Smosh Net Worth

Their net worth is $11.8 million.

History has been made by their channel as their yearly and total worth is suggesting the positivity of that platform for them.  Currently, they are quite busy in many projects. Each time they get busy, they bring something new, jolly and productive for the people. People are waiting desperately for an entire new season full of creativity and fun.

Some of their prominent albums include Smoshtastic, Sexy Album etc.

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