ThatcherJoe Net Worth

Thatcherjoe is a vlogger from England. His real name is Joe Suggs and he is the brother of Zoella. He used to work as a roof thatcher. Now he makes videos about games, impressions and pranks.


ThatcherJoe Net Worth 2017

Thatcherjoe has a net worth of $2 million. 

His first channel ThatcherJoe has over 7 million subscribers. Based on the stats, he is making $1500 a day from advertisements. His 2nd channel, ThatcherJoe Games has over 1.5 million susbscribers. Based on the numbers, he is making $350 per day on this channel. His 3rd channel, Thatcher Joe Vlogs has over 3.2 million subscribers. Joe is making $800 per day from advertisements on this channel. All channels combined, he is making $2650 per day ($967,000 a year). Not bad for a 25 year old, eh?

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