Warwick Davis Net Worth

Most of the people would be familiar with Warwick Davis, he is an English actor. He had earned fame because of his work in the field of acting. Along with that he also got some popularity from his talent management agency.  He became famous when he played a role in the very well know series of Harry potter. His acting was simply fabulous in those movies. This was the reason, he was not only known among the elders but became the favourite of children also. Davis played a very nice role as a character of Globin.

Warwick Davis And His Net Worth

Warwick Davis Net Worth

He kept on working hard which helped in getting the name in the Hollywood. Davis net worth after his work in Harry Potter and Star wars increased very well. In 2016, his worth in the market of acting is estimated to be $5 million. Well, this is a huge amount for a person who has height below than a normal person. Most of the people might feel inferior because of their low height but Davis took it as quality. This is the reason which gave him so many chances to move ahead toward the success.

Warwick Davis And His Personal Life

He was born in Epsom.  You would be pleased to know that he got married and he is living a very happy life.  Davis did not only act but also took proper education from the Chinthurst school and after that, he went to the City of London freemen’s school. It was his grandmother who made him go in this field. She heard the advertisement on the radio for actors. Finally, his dream of becoming an actor came true. Hopefully, people will see him in more movies and he will do his best to them.

Warwick Davis Stats

Full Name: Warwick Ashley Davis

Birth Date: 3 February 1970

Birth Place: Epsom, Surrey, England

Age: 46

Nationality: English

Race: White

Profession: Actor, writer, director, comedian

Height: 3 ft 6 in

Weight: N/A

Religion: N/A

Marital Status: Married

Partner: Samantha Davis

Children: 4

Wikipedia Page: Here

Twitter: Here

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