WWE Wrestlers Salaries and Net Worth 2016

WWE is the biggest wrestling company in the world for about 15 years now. They had some competition when WCW was around but when they went bankrupt, WWE had no competition at all. TNA is in no league with wwe. Also, there are rumors and news abut TNA going bankrupt and eventally for sale .

WWE Wrestlers Salaries

Today, we look at the wrestler’s salaries, their net worth and contracts in wwe. Wrestlers earn according to their status and contracts. Earnings also depend on your popularity, merchandise sales and PPV revenue share.

WWE Stars Salaries and Net Worth

WrestlerAnnual SalaryNet WorthNotes
Cesaro$300,000$1.5 millionActive Wrestler
Vince McMahon$2 million$1 BillionOwner
Brock Lesnar$2.5 million$16 millionLimited Dates
Christian$500,000$6 millionInactive
Big E Langston$375,000$2 millionActive Wrestler
Booker T$550,000$6 millionCommentator
Alberto Del Rio$500,000$2 millionReleased from contract
John Cena$3 million plus 7% of merchandise sales plus half PPV revenue share$35 millionActive Wrestler
Big Show$1.2 million plus personal tour bus$25 millionActive Wrestler
AJ Styles$700,000$5 millionActive Wrestler
Daniel Bryan$950,000$3 millionGeneral Manager
Curt Hawkins$250,000$1 millionActive
Kane$1 million$4 millionActive Wrestler
Kofi Kingston$500,000$2 millionActive Wrestler
Big Cass$300,000$2 millionActive Wrestler
Damien Sandow$350,000$2 millionReleased
Sami Zayn$400,000$2 millionActive
Viktor$300,000$1.5 millionActive
Brodus Clay$300,000$3 millionReleased
Bray Wyatt$400,000$8.5 millionActive Wrestler
Enzo Amore$300,000$2 millionActive Wrestler
Wade Barrett$450,000$5 millionreleased
Dean Ambrose$800,000$6 millionActive Wrestler
Jack Swagger$500,000$2 millionActive Wrestler
Curtis Axel$300,000$2 millionActive Wrestler
Goldust$300,000$5 millionInactive
Darren Young$400,000$8 millionActive Wrestler
Heath Slater$350,000$8 millionActive Wrestler
Dolph Ziggler$800,000$2 millionActive Wrestler
Jey Uso$300,000$3 millionActive Wrestler
Jimmy Uso$300,000$3 millionActive Wrestler
Konnor$300,000$1.5 millionActive Wrestler
Erick Rowan$300,000$5 millionActive Wrestler
Mark Henry$750,000$3 millionInactive
Kevin Owens$400,000$10 millionActive Wrestler
Tensai$350,000$1.2 millionInactive, backstage role
Chris Jericho$1 million$18 millionActive Wrestler
Roman Reigns$1.2 million$6 millionActive Wrestler
Luke Harper$300,000$3 millionActive Wrestler
Neville$300,000$5 millionInactive
Triple H$3 million$25 millionCOO
Primo$200,000$2 millionActive Wrestler
Randy Orton$2.5 million plus % of merchandise sales, travel, accomodation$8 millionActive Wrestler
Seth Rollins$700,000$3 millionActive Wrestler
Jinder Mahal$150,000$3 millionActive Wrestler
The Undertaker$2.25 million plus 7% of merchandise sales$16 millionLimited dates
William Regal$400,000$2 millionCommentator, GM
R-Truth$400,000$1.5 millionActive Wrestler
Xavier Woods$300,000$3 millionActive Wrestler
CM Punk$800,000$8 millionReleased
Titus O’Neil$500,000$9 millionActive Wrestler
Ryback$600,000$2 millionreleased
Santino Marella$350,000$1.5 millionReleased from contract
Sin Cara$350,000$2 millionActive Wrestler
The Miz$1.2 million$5 millionActive Wrestler
Hunico$150,000$2.5 millionActive Wrestler
Zack Ryder$400,000$2 millionActive Wrestler
Rusev$700,000$3 millionActive Wrestler
Sheamus$800,000$5 millionActive
The Rock$3 million plus 7% on merchandise sales$185 millionLimited dates
Sting$600,000$8 millionInactive
Evan Bourne$350,000$2 millionreleased
Tyler Breeze$300,000$1.5 millionActive
Rhyno$350,000$2 millionActive
Bo Dallas$300,000$3 millionActive
JBL$600,000$10 millioncommenter
Adam Rose$350,000$2 millionActive
Rob Van Dam$600,000$3 millionReleased
Drew McIntyre$300,000$5 millionreleased
Braun Strowman$350,000$2.5 millionActive
Brian Kendrick$300,000$3 millionActive
Karl Anderson$300,000$1.5 millionActive
Finn Bálor$300,000$1.5 millionActive
Cody Rhodes$400,000$4 millionReleased
Luke Gallows$300,000$1.5 millionActive
Apollo Crews$300,000$1.5 millionActive
Kenny$250,000$1.5 millionActive
Mikey$250,000$1.5 millionActive
T.J. Perkins$300,000$2 millionActive
Baron Corbin$300,000$1.5 millionActive
Chad Gable$200,000$1.5 millionActive
Mojo Rawley$200,000$1.5 millionActive
Simon Gotch$300,000$1.5 millionActive
Aiden English$300,000$1.5 millionActive

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